Making Foreign Exchange Transactions

When moving money between currencies, individuals typically rely on banks, which are slow and expensive, and/or on specialist currency brokerages that vary in capability and cost. It can be difficult and time-consuming to obtain the service that is best suited to the circumstances, and will provide the best rates of exchange.

What we do

Wolsey Partners advises on all aspects of personal foreign exchange, whether you are buying or selling a foreign property or other asset, repatriating overseas earnings, paying school fees or simply paying funds into a foreign bank account. With over ten years of industry experience, Wolsey Partners saves you both time and money by advising you directly on which bank or other provider will best meet your needs, and by negotiating preferential terms with that provider on your behalf.

Reasons to use Wolsey Partners

  • We negotiate exchange rates on your behalf that are superior to those offered by your existing financial channels and that can save up to 3% of your transaction value.
  • Receiving singular advice on the products and services that are most suited to you will save you both time and money.
  • Our knowledge of the banking and currency markets in Europe, the Americas, the U.A.E., Asia, Africa and Australasia means that we can advise on a broad range of individual circumstances, no matter how simple or complicated.
  • You receive informed and balanced advice on:
    • The currencies relevant to you
    • Protecting future transactions against adverse exchange rate movements
  • You can consult with us on an ongoing basis and we can execute transactions on your behalf when using our Transactional Service.
  • There is no charge to use Wolsey Partners (we are remunerated by the providers your transactions are placed with and we only make money when you save money).

How we do it

  1. After discussing your circumstances, Wolsey Partners will give you a breakdown of our recommendations, how they can be executed and the potential savings that can be achieved.
  2. We will approach the appropriate banks and/or brokers to negotiate your terms – including the rates of exchange you will receive for your transactions.
  3. On your instruction, Wolsey Partners will open a transactional line with a chosen bank or broker, providing you with access to their services within one hour. There is no charge to do this and no obligation to use the account.


Wolsey Partners takes away the hassle and complication of comparing the market yourself by advising you promptly on the foreign exchange service(s) that will work best for you. We also welcome having a long term input in your currency dealings and can provide ongoing support and transaction facilities through our Transactional Service. We would be delighted to hear from you by telephone, email or through our contact form on this website.

Get in touch

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Transactional Service

We advise on all aspects of your current and future currency transfers. You can fix exchange rates and arrange transactions directly through Wolsey Partners.

Management Service

We act as a representative for you in your currency transfer dealings, maximising the rates of exchange you receive and advising on the course of your future transfers.

Advisory Service

We evaluate your existing methods and costs of your currency transfers and make recommendations based on our assessment.