Transactional Service

Private Client
This service is relevant to individuals who make, or will be making, transfers of money between different currencies.

The Transactional Service provides individuals with independent, top level advice on managing their foreign exchange transactions and the option to conduct those transactions through Wolsey Partners or directly with a bank or specialist provider.

Client Benefits
  • Institutional rates of exchange that are negotiated on your behalf
  • Access to the wider market through one company
  • We ensure on an ongoing basis that you are utilising the most appropriate and beneficial foreign exchange services
  • The ability to work with a company that places its clients’ interests above all else
Furthermore, you will receive:
  • A private and personal service with direct access by telephone and email
  • Informed and balanced advice on:
    • The foreign exchange market and the currencies relevant to you
    • Protecting future transactions against adverse exchange rate movements
    • Setting exchange rate targets for future transfers
  • A fully managed transaction process
  • Proactive notifications of exchange rate movements to maximise the rate you receive for transfer
  • Access to the full range of foreign exchange products




We discuss your individual currency requirements, existing banking arrangements and any other methods of transfer you may have, along with how you have conducted your past foreign exchange transactions (if any).


We will provide you with an appraisal based on our discussion, outlining our suggestions for the course of your future transactions along with the inherent benefits of conducting your transactions through Wolsey Partners.


When you join Wolsey Partners we open, on your behalf, a transactional line with one of our banks or providers. You are then able to access all our available foreign exchange services (there is no charge to do this).


When you want to make a currency transfer, discuss future transactions or take advice on exchange rate movements simply call or email your Wolsey Partners contact.

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Making a Currency Transfer

When you want to execute a transaction Wolsey Partners will quote a precise rate of exchange, which on agreement is placed with our chosen bank or specialist provider. We give instruction as to which account your sold currency should be transferred and you select the beneficiary of the bought currency. We manage the whole transaction including overseeing the onward payment to the chosen destination account.


The security of our client’s funds is paramount to our business and therefore Wolsey Partners only has relationships with the industry’s foremost banks and specialist providers. These FCA authorised institutions themselves make the highest provision to safeguard client funds, are fully compliant with FCA stipulations on segregation of funds and have the highest possible credit ratings. Our clients will only ever be asked to transfer funds to one of our approved FCA authorised institutions.


Wolsey Partners does not charge you directly for the services it provides. We are remunerated by the banks and currency providers with which the transactions are placed.